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Sadly, a lot of buildings have been left to decay in Portugal. I presume much of it is because the country was hit very hard by the Global Financial Crisis. There's a lot of for sale/for lease signs about. Unfortunately it'll mean the end for many beautiful old buildings as they crumble and rot away from neglect.

Window in an old building in Karmøy, Norway. By Tone Lepsøe. This photo are for sale here:!i=2528052450=VnG8qkW


What: Apartment buildings. Where: #østerbro in Copenhagen Denmark. The buildings are from between 1880 and 1900. The two guys are on they way to an apartment for sale for 22 mil DKK or 300000 EUR for around 50 m2. Style: historicism. Thanks to @sf_daily_photo and for the inspiration. #architecture #archilovers #beautifuldestinations #architecturelovers #oldarchitecture #archidaily #oldbuilding #old #oldbuildings #beautifularchitecture #beautifulbuildings #beautifulday #buildings…

This unique gem is the oldest building in Charleston and one of the most historic properties in the United States. Though the exact construction date is unknown, historic records indicate that The Pink House may date back as early as 1672 making it the second oldest masonry building in the country.

Built in 1867, this was a temporary church during the building of the adjacent structure. The building was subsequently used as a Sunday school.


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Columbian High School in Tiffin, Ohio. This building was built in 1859. Columbian moved to a new, more modern building in 1959. The old building has been empty and for sale for a long time now.

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Building cornice "Remember the old Wellington Hotel? HAF is now the proud keeper of a piece of its cornice, complete with a lion's head, that sat at the top of the building since it opened in 1905. (It's not for sale) Throughout the 20th century, many legislators stayed at the Wellington while visiting Albany."


History of the Home   Built in 1906, this stunning home was designed for Lawrence Donaldson, who with his brother William, founded the Donaldson Department Store in Minneapolis. The architectural firm of Kees and Colburn was commissioned to design the family’s residence, known for a number of major works in Minneapolis including the Grain Exchange Building, Donaldson’s Office Building, and the Charles H. Harrington Mansion. They later designed the Loring Theater, the Ford ...