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I'm an old soul that believes in chivalry, romance and love ~ adrian michael

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Old Souls ..There is a beautiful thing inside You that is thousands of years old. Too old to be captured in poems. Too old to be loved by everyone, but loved so very deeply by a chosen few. ~ Nikita Gill More

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You already realize this....follow thru

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#Atticus #WritersRelief #keeplivingkeepwriting

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... Incredibly difficult to change your self-talk. It will take work but my goodness is it ever worth it!! Stick with it for a year, just try to give yourself grace and have compassion. A dip comes... gently say 'Oh course you would go back to old patterns, that doesn't mean you are that old person still, you are growing and are brave for continuing to fight.'

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I have always been the tree... and I trusted you not to be the axe, like everyone else was... you were the electric saw, all quiet and gentle until you were plugged in and all the noise was made and you cut me faster and deeper than anyone

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"LIVE LIFE...because sometimes the biggest "mistakes" make the BEST stories"

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Inkadinkado How Old Quote Wood Mounted Stamp

Age is only a number. Act as you wish. This is a great image for milestone birthdays. Size: x Designer: © Dawn Houser

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And how many times does the narcissist repeat the same old shit.. It doesn't end.. It will never end. divorce quotes

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Old way s

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