IMGP4812logo 531x800 Old School Phone banquette in furniture with phone Newspaper Furniture

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Los amantes de la fotografía serían felices con alguna de estas fundas en sus celulares.

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This Featured Deck of the day, a full bleed old school graphic by Jeffrey Case, "is inspired from old school 3D anaglyph artwork. 3D red-cyan glasses are recommended to view the design correctly." Go ahead, we'll wait while you try to turn your computer or phone into a 3D device. skate skateboard skateboards skateboarding sk8 art graphics

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Old school cell phone (still see them from time to time on retro tv shows, like Remington Steele and Miami Vice. ~ SW)

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Long before cell phones and texting, we made tin can phones and used them to talk to friends across the yard or down the street. Why not try it at home with the kids?

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