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It Is Rare. Old School. Unseen In Public. Admired. And People Have Become Jealous Or Even Turned Off Because "My Love Is UnNatural" These Days. I Know How To Love A Woman. My Type Of Love May Be Rare. But I Do It Very Very Well! If I Could Not? I Wouldn't Be Right Here Still Doing It. It's Not For Others To Enjoy A Love Quote Of Sweetness. Baby? This Is ALL For You! ₩


If I smell the regular hand sanitizer I remember my childhood- we had to put on a drop before lunch at my old school


Hers is an old fashioned heart that holds timeless love. She's a three page love letter in a world of relationship status updates.


One Day the People who didn't believe in you, will tell everyone they Meet, how they know you... And my response to them is... Still Old School and Achieved my Success in doing what I do best... An Entrepreneur and a Leader in Leadership!! Quoted pin by Gerard the Gman NJ.. }{<¤¤>}<¤¤>}{


As a child I was "mature" and as an adult I'm "childlike." Whatevs. Oopsie. #INFP