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Oled Screen Tvs

LG 65EF950V 65" OLED 4K Flat Screen TV, Smart TV with webOS, CINEMA 3D.......... -


LG’s double-sided TV offers a twin peek into the future of OLED displays

LG’s double-sided TV offers a twin peek into the future of OLED displays [Futuristic Displays:]


Super-Thin LG OLED TV Sticks to Wall Like Fridge Magnet

LG Display shows off press-on 'wallpaper' TV under thick Before you get too excited, it's only a proof-of-concept display. The unveiling is part of a broader announcement to showcase the company's plans for the future, which center on OLED tech.


Is an iPhone with a curved OLED screen on the way? - CNETPhoto by Zhang Peng LightRocket via Getty Images Next year could bring a new iPhone with a curved OLED screen according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal. Apples Asia suppliers say the tech giant has asked for higher numbers of thin organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays. While Apple is considering this model among over 10 other…


The new 55' curved television by Samsung. Definitely on the want list for a while until the price comes down a bit. Why didn't anyone think of this before?!


55-inch LG Curved OLED TV

LG Curved OLED TV with a mm thickness and 38 pound weight (unheard-of for a screen). Couple that with a curved design that delivers an I-Max-like experience, tech, and smart TV functionality, and you've got one hell of an addition to your living room.


LG's 55-inch OLED TV gets official design, possible €9,000 price tag (update 3: LG fills in more)

LG Electronics revealed their 4 mm thick OLED 55 inch TV. This is an insanely thin TV made possible by OLED technology. OLED stands for organic LED but the difference is that it has longer life, far more vivid colors, along with much lower power consumption. Basically better in every way and oh yes, most LED/LCD screens can't get down to 4 mm thick. Too bad this is set to cost about ~$10,000 US Damn.