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Music Speed Skating, and other Olympic-inspired movement activities. Perhaps a little "fluffy", but good to have in your tool box on those days that the kids are, shall we say, ready to move :)

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♫ We ❤ Music @ HSES! ♫ ice skating with paper plates, can use to several different types of music, great for movement

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Cross country skiing Olympic game - could integrate measurement and phys ed - measure distances and find the difference ...

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"What Note Am I" Icebreaker game: According to piano teacher Joy Morin, students try to figure out what note, value, or rhythm they are by asking questions such as, "Do I have a stem?", "Is my note head filled in?", "Am I worth two beats?", etc.

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Music Olympics Events. So many ideas. Would be fun for the beginning of the school year as review.

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