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Herbal Alternatives to Prilosec

Prilosec, or omeprazole, is an over-the-counter and prescription-option drug used to control heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). When used in combination with antibiotics, Prilosec reduces stomach acid and H. pylori bacteria levels to prevent continued GERD and heartburn damage. People who experience side effects from Prilosec or...

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Are you taking stomach acid blockers like omeprazole, aciphex, protonix or other proton pump inhibitors? Maybe you shouldn't be. Your stomach is supposed to be acidic.

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Omeprazole is used to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and other conditions caused by excess stomach acid. Learn about side effects, interactions and indications.

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Omeprazole Side Effects: Calcium Depletion

Vitamin D and zinc both contribute to a strong skeleton - for example, vitamin D controls physiological processes including blood pressure regulation and cell growth, while zinc maintains reproductive health.

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Popular Heartburn Pills Can Be Hard To Stop, And May Be Risky

Millions of people take proton pump inhibitors. But the drugs can increase patients' risk of infections, bone fractures and kidney problems. And trying to stop the drugs can make symptoms much worse.

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side effects of omeprazole isn't your stomach supposed to be acidic. Side Effects of Stomach Acid Blockers

pin 1 omeprazole side effects Information regarding Omeprazole side effects and also different cures.

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Omeprazole Side Effects: Calcium Depletion

Piezoelectric Effect and Bone Density; doing background research for the preliminary tale that will go kind of like a prologue to my full story I'm calling the butterfly story, even though its not just about a butterfly :)

What Creatine Can Do for Fibromyalgia & ME/CFS

Find out what folic acid supplements may do for fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, what dosages are safe, and what side effects to watch for.

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