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Metallica - One [Official Music Video] Now the world is gone i'm just one Oh god help me Hold my breath as i wish for death Oh please god help me Darkness imprisoning me All that i see Absolute horror I cannot live I cannot die Trapped in myself Body my holding cell


Members: This week's theme is "My Music." Pin your favorite song in 10-15 pins. Pin this pin when you're finished, and include the name of the song and the artist. Blast your music and have fun! (Special thanks to Ann L for inspiring this theme with her beautiful "We are stardust, we are golden" pod.)


I was sitting in the living room and my dad was in the other room and he wanted to see how long it would take me to come over if he played a song so he turned on mcrs famous last words and after 5 seconds I came in yelling I HEAR MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. <<< well it worked


Zanthus - 25

#wattpad #werewolf *Mature Content *Highest Rank - #2 in werewolf *'Black Gold' Series ~ He wrapped his thick arms around her neck, holding her tightly to his chest as he began choking her. Instantly, her face went beet red and she started to make strangled, gurgling sounds. "It's all up to you, little girl. Y...