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Stats anoint Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the best finisher in one-day cricket


As far as one – Day Cricket is concerned

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Are bowlers under threat in one-day cricket

Are bowlers under threat in one-day cricket?


New Zealand opt to ditch one day of match practice in favour of net session at Gabba #NewZealand #Cricket


Baby bearded dragon having a drink at Northampton Reptile Centre I will have one one day! they are amazing!


Here is my leopard gecko set up! Please tell me if this is correct, and tell me if anything is wrong! I am new to reptiles! I have a blue daylight 50 watt lightbulb, a small heat pad, which is right under one of my hides. The basking light is right over my basking rock, and I do have a mossy hide in the middle. I have a water dish, that doubles as a hide. I feed my Leo mealworms and crickets, and sometimes a waxworm. The temp is about 75-80 at night, and 85-95 during the day. Underneath…

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Bearded dragons (or beards) are a type of lizard native to Australia. Their resume includes sleeping all day, partying all night, and dive-bombing for crickets.


Theraphosa blondi, the Goliath bird-eating spider, is the world’s heaviest spider. The heaviest on record was a captive adult female called Rosi, which topped the scales at 175g. It usually feeds on insects such as crickets and beetles, but it also eats small mammals, frogs and reptiles, injecting venom into its prey with its 20mm fangs.


Watch One Day International live in stadium with chennai crowd