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I want to go to one. Mom? Dad? Santa? Jesus? God? Easter Bunny? Tooth Fairy? Harry? Niall? Liam? Louis? Zayn? BFF? Grandma? Anyone? Please! Haha

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foREVer on

So while my family is laughing at me for my dreams, i told them this story. Whose laughing now MOM. (;

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I'll take my billion dollars in cash please and then buy ALLLLLLL 1D merchandise! >>More like buy one direction...(:

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I litterally think that they should give out One Direction tickets to the Directioners that haven't been to a concert, like does anyone else agree???

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So true... Especially if you live half way across the world for them then finally see them me:*cough cough* EXO *cough cough* come back to L.A

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One Direction Covers 'Teen Vogue' Again!

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