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One personal work I finished recently. I tried to go for a more painterly stlye in this one, I hope I succeeded. O_o Who else loves thunderstorms? Criticism welcome!


25 "Rogue One" Jokes That Will Force You To Laugh

On emotional destruction: | 25 "Rogue One" Jokes That Will Make You Laugh And Then Cry Some More


ONE DAY MOOOOwe will join these people's heroesWATCH EM AS THEY FALLwe will follow where they go we will learn their little PARTEDDDwe will know the things DAY MOOOORE watch em run amok catch em as they fall never know you're luck when there's a free for all WE'LL BE READY FOR THESE SCHOOLBOYSwe'll be far away TOMORROW IS THE JUDGEMENT DAY


At the end of the day you're another day older, and that's all you can say for a student at school. It's a struggle, it's a war, and there's papers that haven't been graded, one more day studying books, what is it for? One day less to be stressing.


You know, when I first found that I loved Les Mis, I debated whether or not to make a pinterest board. I just wasn't sure if I'd ever pin anything to it or if I even liked Les Mis enough to create one. But I decided to anyway. And now I pinned my 900th Les Miserables pin yesterday and I have the best followers ever! So, I'm pretty sure I made the right decision to create "Drink with me, to days gone by...." (:


This is funny bc its real. I got challenged one year at the thespian conference on whether or not I could really sing all the parts of One Day More and boy were they in for a surprise


One Day More! - Les Misérables - 10th Anniversary Concert | I love love love love this song so much <3