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12 Brooke Davis Quotes Every College Girl Needs to Hear

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When you begin hating Brooke as the OTH series starts but end up falling in love with her in the end.

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'One Tree Hill' bows out: A thank-you letter to Brooke Davis, for being more than enough

How we view ourselves internally can be difficult enough psychologically. When the influences of the media and society are involved, certain aspects of our views are reinforced and that can have a positive or negative affect on how we view our self-image.

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And 'I suggest you listen unless your baby wants a dent in its head' -said to Hales while she was pregnant! One Tree Hill

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I've never had that - guess I never will - seems the guys I meet think I should 'choose'...drives me 'crazy'

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I've had to deal with narcissistic people like this my entire life, putting labels & thoughts in peoples heads about me or others, things that are not true to get people to divide or take sides. It's not of God. I have concluded that when they label & slander others, it's because THEY are. Check my comments

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