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Tech Tip: Use this free online tool to create sign-ups for everything from parent-teacher conferences to food donations for classroom parties to field trip volunteers. Read about how simple it can be for teachers to create an online sign-up.

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Free American Sign Language Courses on ASL's site. Each course equals .5 credit for American high school or 4 University semester hour credits.

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Free Sign Language Classes (ASL) Online, Student and Teacher courses with graded work and completion certificates also available for $9.95 a month!

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Do you have a child who is struggling with reading? ESA's Online Reading Program for grades K to 6 offers full access to thousands of engaging courses, activities, and fun rewards. Best of all, it's 100% FREE! This is an excellent supplement for any curriculum -- whether to introduce new skills or for review. Click through to sign up for FREE!

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Short of signing up for a PhD in neuroscience, or trawling through the over 100,000 research articles published annually containing the word 'brain' how does one know where to turn online for simple, clear, evidence-based information about the mind and brain?

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Weekly Home Reading Log freebie in Laura Candler's online file cabinet ~ I've been using this GO from Laura Candler for years now. Student records the title, reading response, minutes read and then has it signed by parent or guardian. There is also a two-sided version for longer responses.

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43 free career-advancing courses you can take (and actually finish) this summer

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American Sign Language Course I found the link to this online from a FREEbie site. The poster said she took a course in college that was extremely similar to this!

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Kid's Internet Safety Family Home Evening - FREE Printable! -

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