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Online Timer Alarm

Timer-Tab is an easy to use online alarm clock, timer, and/or stopwatch. Click on any of the functions, set your time, and get started. The alarm clock and countdown move in increments of hours, minutes, and seconds. The countdown and stopwatch also have a pause feature. One especially handy feature is that the time displays on the browser time so you can see it as you navigate other web sites. - Online Alarm Clock a great way to monitor how much time you are spending online I use it as a timer


PictureRoutines Android App - , People with special needs like an intellectual or cognitive disability, ASD or difficulty with focus can use a little extra help getting through their daily activities and tasks without becoming stressed and anxious.Make the day visual! Create picture schedules and checklists for a clear step-by-step overview of the daily activities and tasks using pictures, timers, speech and alarms in our online planner on and use them with…

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