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Amazon Web Services Leading Cloud Infrastructure as a Service App Development

#CloudDevelopment : Amazon Web Services Leading Cloud Infrastructure as a Service App Development


Netflix launches app for iOS and Android -> The internet connection speed measuring website created by Netflix has just been launched as an app. SEE ALSO: The 'Netflix tax' is starting Back in May Netflix debuted to help users Netflix subscriber or not to determine the connection speeds. On Tuesday the company expanded the service's reach with a free iOS and Android app designed to do the same thing. Like the website…

Updated: The 20 best Chromecast apps for Google's streaming stick -> The Best Chromecast Apps Google's Chromecast is the cheapest and easiest way to get your TV connected to the biggest streaming services and the Chromecast Audio is now doing the same thing for stereos. The one downside of the tiny streaming puck is that apps need to be updated to support it but thankfully thankfully over time more and more services have added the ability to cast. So…

Netflix's mobile app and native app are very similar, the only real difference is the search bar and the orientation of the tiles. The biggest difference interaction wise is that you can swipe from the left to open the sidebar on the native app.

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A New App Called Soon Organizes Your Everyday

A New App Called Soon Organizes Your Everyday Bucket List Your friend tells you about a great new TV show theyre watching on Netflix or a new restaurant that you just have to try. If youre like me you tend to pop open the Notepad app on your phone and jot down this information for laterAnd then you promptly forget about it. A new mobile application called Soon is now offering a better way to help you keep track of all those Read More

My Eebo-Perfect for today's connected Christian entertainment media & everything else 8" Touch Screen (Screen ratio is like a mini-iPad™ Android Operating System (Newest Version-Jelly Bean) Front/Rear Cameras HDMI & USB ports, Micro SD Card Slot Supports Outlook Exchange Preloaded Apps: Netflix, Angry Birds, Facebook Pinterest, Evernote, Skype, ESV & KJV Bibles, Safe Search Parental Control for Browsing App, Free preloaded books and songs Open format to add over 400,000 Apps 8GB Internal…

This app will make any door sound old and creaky just in time for Halloween Read more Technology News Here --> You don't need an elaborate engineering degree to rig together a haunted house. For Halloween spray lubricant company WD-40 has released the Haunted Door app that instantly turns any door into a spooky creaky one. The app's available for iOS and Android and is pretty straightforward. All you need is an iPhone or Android phone and a small bag or…


iOS 7 Hidden Features iPhone 5S

BURST MODE- Shoot multiple photos at once by clicking and holding the up-volume button while you're in the Camera app. (Hidden ios 7 features, via refinery29)


Updated: Best Android apps 2016: download these now Read more Technology News Here --> Best Android apps - introduction The Google Play store has exploded in recent years with a proliferation of apps that can cater to your every need. The problem is: there are just too many of them even with Editor's Picks Featured and Best Selling Top Paid and Top Free categories there to help What's the best phone of 2016? And that's why we made this list. Like you we…

Netflix announces Android Wear support, new social features - Netflix recently took to its blog to detail some nifty new features coming to its Android app. Coming along for the ride is a new “Social Recommendation” feature that has already graced other platforms. Perhaps the biggest news, however, is that Android Wear integration is coming and will push notifications for recommended movies to your wrist. Netflix went into more detail on each feature in its b