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30 Cool Open Source Software I Discovered in 2013

Products like Bacula Enterprise are changing the perception many in IT have around open-source software. Read more in our latest blog "Bacula Enterprise is changing the definition of Open-source Backup Software" #CBT #dataprotection #deduplication #opensource #virtualmachine

FreeFileSync is a free open source backup software that helps you synchronize files and folders on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. And its awesome! » Find open source software alternatives to well-known commercial software. * Our mission is to provide easy access to high quality open source alternatives to well-known commercial products. And remember that open source software is also a freeware alternative.

BUG ACCIDENTALLY SHUT DOWN MILITARY OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE PORTAL Problems with a backup system are preventing Pentagon from recovering

How to stop ransomware Read more Technology News Here --> How to stop ransomware Ransomware software that encrypts your files or locks your screen until you pay its creators a fee is no longer the preserve of malicious coders. Virus-writers are now offering their creations for sale on the black market for less tech-savvy criminals to distribute in return for a slice of the profits. This new tactic means ransomware is spreading faster than ever and…