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Love this infographic on the myths of open source software. At CX, we love open source software and use it ourselves. Read our blog about it here:


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Farmbot is the first open source cnc farming machine with the aim to create an open and accessible technology aiding everyone to grow food and to grow food for everyone. It runs on open source hardware like Arduino Mega 2560 and involves a community of contributors on the wiki and forum where you can find documentation, schematics, assembly guides, troubleshooting tips and many more on all currently supported and old FarmBots.


Some tips for better production from a potato tower: a potato tower that is working correctly will be covered in green, from base to top. If you only see green at the top, you’re going to get a poor harvest.


CyanogenMod community launches Lineage OS: A new open source program

The International Research Robot - This is the 2'-tall robot that responds to over 500 voice commands across 19 languages, making it the most widely used android for research and education. The product of eight years of development from a global, open-source community of programmers, the robot comes with its own library of behaviors, but can download new routines through a WiFi connection.


This was an exciting year for webinars at The Linux Foundation! Our topics ranged from network hardware virtualization to Microsoft Azure to container security and open source automotive, and members of the community tuned in from almost every corner of the globe. The following are the top 5 Linux Foundation webinars of 2016: Getting Started with OpenStack No More Excuses: Why you Need to Get Certified Now

Some Open Source software for YOUR SMALL BUSINESS. Open source software is inexpensive (and often free!), secure, and easy to customize to the unique needs of your company. Unlike many commercial applications on the market today, you can even find in-depth, no-cost tech support from within the user community.