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Requirements for deducting operating expenses - There are so many different kinds of operating expenses that the tax code couldn’t possibly list them all. Instead, the code gives you the definition of an operating expense, and it’s up to you to make sure the expenditures you deduct meet the requirements. Read more:

Download: CVP Analysis Lawn Master Company, a manufacturer of riding lawn mowers, has a projected income for 2010 as follows: Sales $46,000,000 Operating expenses Variable expenses $32,200,000 Fixed expenses 7,500,000 Total expenses 39,700,000 Operating Profit $ 6,300,000 Required 1. Determine the breakeven point in sales dollars. 2. Determine the required sales in dollars to earn a before-tax profit of $8,000,000. 3. What is the…


As a business grows its operating expenses do not increase gradually but tend to go up in steps. These steps cause the break even point to jump dramatically.

Operating expenses that are not deductible - Even though they might be ordinary and necessary, some types of operating expenses are not deductible under any circumstances. In some cases, this is because Congress has declared that it would be morally wrong or otherwise c ontrary to sound public policy to allow people to deduct these costs. Read more:

What are the differences between operating expenses and cost of goods sold (COGS)? | Investopedia

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Commercial Real Estate Vocabulary 101 – Part 2

Commercial Real Estate Vocabulary and Definitions including operating expenses, Net Operating Income (NOI), and Debt Service


Average Restaurant Profit Margin and Restaurant Operating Expenses

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The profit improvement calculator shows the impact on net income of adjustments made to selling price, unit cost, unit sales volume and operating expenses.