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Hitler Strikes East: The Myths and Realities of Operation Barbarossa. Part I by Fifth Column History on SoundCloud

Caption: "German soldiers man an MG 34 (Maschinengewehr 34) recoil-operated machine gun, taking cover on the side of a house in Rahachow during the German invasion of the Soviet Union (Operation Barbarossa). Rahachow, Gomel Region, Belarus, Soviet Union. July 1941. "


1941, German troops crossed the Soviet border at the beginning of Operation Barbarossa. by Hercio Dias

Soviet Red Army prisoners of war over the landscape.. Seemingly indifferent about their situation, as if glad to be taken out of the fighting. There are no guards in sight. Their uniforms suggest summer weather, perhaps mid-, late 1941, when large numbers have surrendered to the attacking Germans (Operation Barbarossa).


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A German Soldier Shares His Rations With A Russian Mother, taken during Operation Barbarossa

from The Atlantic

World War II: Operation Barbarossa

General Heinz Guderian, commander of Germany's Panzergruppe 2, chats with members of a tank crew on the Russian front, on September 3, 1941.