Opossums: "Hold on 'Olive' dear ~ I've got you by your tail ~ I won't let you fall!" (Fact: Opossums make up the largest order of Marsupials in The Western Hemisphere, including 103 or more species in 19 genera.)

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Don't ask me why but I think opossums are one of the cutest animals ever!! Look at those lil toes and they smile! It's that animal I will swerve off road to miss lol!

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You would think it when you look at them but, they have the softest fur. “This delights me ” ”

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Opossum: eats almost everything, mammal, can reach 2,5 ft or 76 cm at lenght, more than 60 species, inhabitates in United States and Canada, they are scavengers and often visits human houses, they are immune to rabies, has partial or total immunity to some snakes.

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Baby opossums might just be the most heartwarming little critters on the planet.

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adorable baby opossum has a bow on her head

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