Me being a human Mograph Effector. Uses optical flow from openCV to capture the pixel movement. I've added a little particle system on the end which blends the position back to it's original over time.

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I've brought in some optical flow data from a live camera feed and represented it in the viewport. This is stage one, getting the data in, next stage is interactive realtime prototyping for testing interactions.

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Staircase " Patterns are formed when ones structural element, or functional operation is placed in a manner that creates flow and change. The combined parts are different then the separate parts. Perhaps the patterns are already in existence,..."

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Slow Down the Action With Optical Flow in Final Cut Pro X: Select Clip

You know more about the electromagnetic spectrum than you may think. The image below shows where you might encounter each portion of the EM ...

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$14.99 (Buy here: ) Best Deal APM 2.5 2.6 2.8 Optical Flow Sensor Optical Flow V10 No GPS Point For RC Camera Drone Accessories for just $14.99

Optical flow QTZ test by gnomalab. Optical flow QTZ plugin ( incluido en apple developpers)

I'm creating visuals with a dancer, lamae caparas, for an upcoming performance -- we've been scanning her movements using a kinect, and here, I'm running the color information through optical flow (ofxOpticalFlowLK) to amplify her motion and emit particles as she moves. I am working on getting optical flow working in 3d -- there's some of that in action here, but it's not 100% working. When it works better, I'll rotate this a bit (a bit funky to watch from the…

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