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Why Oracle Just Bought the Company That Brought Down the Internet

An attack on internet infrastructure company Dyn last month cut off access to some of the world's biggest sites last month. Now Oracle is buying the company


the chariot, from the linweave tarot, published in 1967 by a paper company to showcase its wares; the artists commissioned were david mario palladini, ron rae, hy roth, and nicolas sidjakov.  via past print on a tip from sweet jane.


Consider this Queen to be like a fairy godmother. She cares about everyone and cannot wait to swoop in to save the day. She is generous and giving and loves to make dreams come true. She adores luxurious and beautiful things. She could probably spin straw into gold if you asked her (and she’d certainly love to give it a try!). Her family means the world to her, and she has the ability to run a small company and a large household without so much as breaking...


AWS goes after Oracle with new PostgresSQL support in Aurora There were a lot of jokes and comments at Oracles expense today at the AWS re:Invent conference but perhaps the boldest statement came when AWS announced it was adding PostgresSQL support to the AWS Aurora database making iteasier to move an Oracle database to the AWS cloud. Even as Oracle makes its own move to the cloud it is still held up as the prime example of the prototypical legacy vendor. As AWS CEO Andy Jassy said without…