My wand chose me - violin bow. I have this in gray and love it!

This Harry Potter crossover just made me so happy. This exactly describes how I felt when I bought my violin; the wand chooses the wizard, and the instrument chooses the musician :)

Omg I need this so I can go to school and rub it in choir and band kids faces

Orch Dork | Hoodie

I don't know about y'all but to me this is offensive band geek is not even that bad are nick name is way worse but if it means that I LOVE orchestra and the CELLO then I can live with it. The name to me just sounds rude.

Es el dinero el que lleva la batuta                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Es el dinero el que lleva la batuta

Loving the idea of basing it off of an orchestra conductor! A couture, architectural dress, incorporating the formal/regal appearance of an orchestra conductor. Possibly a high low dress?

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Agitation In Atlanta, Luck In London And John Cage On The A Train

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra performing music by Verdi, Respighi and Brahms in Symphony Hall.

For those awkward occasional moments of being student conductor. <-Where was this chart when I was in high school?!!

Ways Of Beating Time. This is how conductors, well conduct! If you ever go to a orchestra concert watched them.

Having done this in high school, I can say it's really annoying to hear all the show but never see it.

As an orchestra pit member of many musicals, I thank whoever made this post. I have never actually gotten to play from under the stage though.

Hahahha. I have a Kun. The most comfortable shoulder rest I have ever had.

I have a Kun. The most comfortable shoulder rest I have ever had.<<I have an Everest which is pretty nice

Marko Rantanen Orchestra Photography

L〰Marko Rantanen Orchestra Photography