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On August 14, 1848, Congress created the Oregon Territory, an area encompassing present-day Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and parts of western Montana and Wyoming. Peter Burnett, a Missouri lawyer who joined an expedition to the Oregon Territory in 1843, hoped to make enough money there to repay his accumulated debt.

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Joseph Lafayette "Joe" Meek (1810–1875) was a trapper, law enforcement official, and politician in the Oregon Country and later Oregon Territory of the United States. A pioneer involved in the fur trade before settling in the Tualatin Valley, Meek would play a prominent role at the Champoeg Meetings of 1843 where he was elected as a sheriff. Later he served in the Provisional Legislature of Oregon before being selected as the United States Marshal for the Oregon Territory.

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The term "Oregon Trail" was a matter of convenience. Technically there were three trails, more generally referred to as the "Emigrant Trail": - Oregon Trail (to Oregon's Willamette Valley) - California Trail and Mormon Trail (to Salt Lake City, Utah,) In Nebraska Territory, around Sweetwater Crossing, the three trails share the same route. The entire journey was around 2000 miles, taking about 4-6 months. (photo: Circled wagon train near Devil's Gate)

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Winnemucca, (ca. 1820–1882) (also called Wobitsawahkah, Bad Face, Winnemucca the Younger, Mubetawaka, and Poito), was born a Shoshone around 1820 in future Oregon Territory. When he married the daughter of Old Winnemucca, he became a Paiute according to their tribal rules. His father-in-law honored him by naming him "Winnemucca the Younger". Winnemucca the Younger became a war chief with the Kuyuidika.

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Not-so-old photo of one of the most famous landmarks in our area, the Old Scotch Church. Built in 1878 and still a functioning church. Joe Meek is buried there, one of the first European settlers in the area.

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Each spring the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Oregon's Mt. Hood Territory delights tens of thousands of visitors. 40 acres of flowers, food vendors, craft markets and fun activities make it the perfect, family-friendly event. Learn more by clicking the pin.

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