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How to Save Your Own Seeds: Vegetable Garden Seed-Saving

Save the seeds from some of your garden vegetables to replant again! Here's our seed-saving guide.

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Buying Seeds Online: The Best Websites

Whether your buying seeds online for a a huge vegetable garden, or you're just looking to raise a few potted plants or flowers, it's important to get them from the best sources

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How To Keep Your Favorite Seeds + Grow Them Again

Saving and storing seeds from your own vegetable and herb crops is a thrifty way to perpetuate your favorite varieties from year to year. Open-pollinated varieties, including heirlooms, are the best candidates for seed saving. Unlike hybrids, their genetic traits are more likely to remain stable from generation to generation—although, if you’re saving seeds to be used for growing microgreens or sprouts, genetic stability is less important.

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Non-monsanto seed companies. Important to buy from these seed companies to ensure the diversity for the future generations. Monsanto has already bought the biggest seed companies in the world and continues to buy them so they can control what seed people will be able to buy.


131 Heirloom Seed Companies by Region in light of I-522's defeat, it is clearer than ever, the corruption behind "buying the outcome". Heirloom seeds are non gmo seeds for true, organic gardening. If you're sick of supporting corporate greed and looking to become an independent gardener, this is a great resource to have on hand.

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The Art of Seed Saving

Seed Saving Tips | Gardening Ideas, Tips and Garden Skills: #survivallife #prepping