We might just be the last people to this particular pajama party, but we recently found out that theres an entire meditation practice that revolves around orgasms. Nicole Daedone—the creator of Orgasmic Meditation (OM) and …

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Orgasmic Meditation - Step By Step Instructions [THIS IS EXPLICIT!!!! NOT FOR ANYONE UNDER 18!!!!]

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What Is Orgasmic Meditation - How OM Helps Women Orgasm

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Orgasmic Meditation is explained step by step. learn more at www.orgasmmeditation.com

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The Orgasmic Life: What is Orgasmic Meditation? (elephant journal Candace Holdorf)

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What It’s Like to Try “Orgasmic Meditation” | Men's Health

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There’s A New MASSAGE SERVICE Becoming Popular Among WEALTHY Women It’s Called... - TRENDING

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Nicole Daedone, author of Slow Sex, describes an erotic practice where one spot on a woman’s clitoris is stroked for fifteen minutes. She tells a San Francisco audience that this orgasmic meditation is the cure for a core hunger felt by western women. The practice originated over forty years ago at Morehouse University in Northern California.

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