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Make no mistake: These men have supported an extreme anti-environment agenda. Putting them in charge of our nation's environmental, clean energy and climate policy will damage our public health and our planet. We have to stop them. Please Sign and Share Widely!

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But it's rather sad that this must be said ... repeatedly.

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Super Typhoon Nina heads towards the Philippines - ABC News

Are plastic bags getting a bad rap? Here are a few facts about plastic bags and their effect on the environment, our communities, and our personal finances.

The more we grow the economy, the more resources we use. Our way of life is completely unsustainable #ParadigmChange

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Dutch Trains Are World's First to Run on 100% Wind Power Lorraine Chow Jan. 10, 2017 08:05PM EST


The northeast will ring in the New Year with delays, snow and cold

Torrential rain turns Australia's desert heart into a series of waterfalls

Social media users show Uluru as it's rarely been seen before

Queensland landholders are planning to clear nearly 70,000 hectares of bush in Great Barrier Reef catchments, according to a conservation group.