The following project and photos first appeared at It’s a good project if you have ferals, sorta-ferals (semi-wild cats who won’t come indoors, but will sleep in your basement or garage), or inconsiderate neighbors who leave their cats outside in horrible weather. The resulting house is insulated and cozy, and it costs about $40 …

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OUTDOOR CAT ROOM — Gone are the litter-box odors and the food messes in our downstairs bathroom, forever. There's room for the litter-box, food, and water. It also features a galvanized mesh paw-cleaning mess-free floor, led lighting (swapped for a heat lamp when it's cold), and a place to lounge and view the woods. The cats have never had it so good! (Designed and built by Greg Piper 2016-03-04)

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Have your cats been trying to escape to the great outdoors? Maybe it's time to build them an outdoor cat enclosure! Here's a list of everything…

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outdoor cat houses | Home » Cat Furniture by TYPE » Outdoor Cat Houses » Kool Cedar Cat ...

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