Ask the Food Lab: How Many Times Can I Reuse Fry Oil? | Serious Eats. This is an excellent, excellent article on frying--with a focus on the oil. But, it contains lots of good information on the whole frying process--along with debunking some popular myths.

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Propane Deep Fryer Basket Cooker Commercial Gas Outdoor Camp Fish Fries Party More

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Deep fried Biscuits'n'Gravy Balls. OMFGYEEEEESSSSSS!!!!! This is so going to happen to my mouth.

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2 section, 3 basket outdoor deep fryer. Easy Setup and Takedown. $150

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Best. Idea. Ever. That's a built-in deep fryer in the middle, people. Bring this to your next tailgating party, and you'll be beloved by all.

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