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Over the Garden Wall❤ Adelaide Parade: Ohh, we're goin' to the pasture to meet Adelaide and ask 'er If she has a way to send us back where we came from I don't know who she is, Or how she is Or when or why she is, But as for where she is She is where we will go To Adelaide, to Adelaide Come on and join the Adelaide parade Adelaide, to Adelaide We're going to Adelaide's house today

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Come to Cosplay and Totally Enjoy it

Over the Garden Wall from last Winter Sac Anime Wirt - pumpkinetics Beatrice - heartenedsoldier Greg - heartenedsoldier’s little brother

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Gravity falls-- over the garden wall-- steven universe-- and if I'm not mistaken a quote from into the woods

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Original Fallen Humans: Frisk (Undertale), Wirt (Over the Garden Wall), Steven…

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Over The Garden Wall: Wirt Print

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Over the Garden Wall Fan Forge - WeLoveFine -T-shirts designed for fans by fans

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Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall - crossover - Harry Potter AU - I can't explain how much I love this post!

Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall - crossover - Harry Potter AU - I can't explain how much I love this post!

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Gravity Falls, Dipper Pines, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Marco Diaz, and Over the Garden Wall, Wirt. I love this

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owlyjules: Now that the Ottawa animation festival is done I will finally upload these here.:) “Over the garden wall” was probably my favourite show of last year and now one of my faves of all time. Me and smieska made Pat mcHale and Nick Cross a otgw booklet and gave it to them two days ago as a thank you for creating that wonderful show.:) (we where shaking like leaves afterward!! dear god I hope I didn’t made a fool of myself!!) I will now post the art little by little over the next…

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megamadridista4life: The Adelaide Parade Music Sheet Music & lyrics by Patrick McHale and The Blasting Company. Larger resolution here.

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Gravity Falls,фэндомы,GF Арт,GF art,Over The Garden Wall,crossover,Dipper Pines,GF Персонажи,Bill Cipher,Wirt

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Over the Garden Wall Greg Pinback Buttons or Magnets (4 Pack)

WE'RE HERE TO BURGLE YOUR TURTS. Hah, just kidding! We're just here to sell you some cool Over the Garden Wall buttons featuring everyone's favorite silly little boy, Greg! Get yours here.

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'Over The Garden Wall' Print from Cats & Clouds

'Over The Garden Wall' Print (**This item is in preorder! Your order will be filled starting June-July. This print features Wirt and Gregory (and Mr. President/Greg Jr./Dr. Cucumber/the frog!) from Cartoon Network's series Over The Garden Wall.)

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Over the Garden Wall Au - Garden Falls Prologue 2 宇宙艦隊RAMBO

The Flying Clubhouse | Inspired by Wirt from Over the Garden Wall #otgw #wirt #redbeanie #tomeoftheunknown

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Bad End Marco, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Dipper, Bipper, Gravity Falls, Wirt Beast!Wirt, Over the Garden Wall, OTGW, Finn, Adventure Time

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