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Come on Overwatch servers I just want to play a real game.

BlizzCon 2016: Sombra revealed After many months of waiting Blizzard has finally revealed the ever elusive Sombra to their hit game Overwatch. During the opening ceremonies of this years BlizzCon viewers were in the process of watching the history of the Overwatch launch. The fans were already excited but then the screen started to lag and skip. Even though most fans were ready for that type of reveal all were still excited once Sombra appeared onscreen. The new animated short…

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Sombra is basically the Overwatch version of the DDOS script kiddies who bring down services like Steam and PSN. She takes crap you rely on, she breaks it...

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Arrow Summer Rewatch (by olicityalamode & geniewithwifi) Week 14 | The Secret Origin Of Felicity Smoak ‘I created this. This… super virus. I could give us root access to any infected server. We could expose government fraud, start virtual sit-ins and digitally deface criminals. I guess you could say it was my first attempt at being a hero.’ by cherrychapssstick

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In Soviet Russia, Cart Pushes You! Join our Vanilla server:

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