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10 Surprisingly Fuel-Efficient Performance Cars

Tesla Motors Model S This is a High Performance Electric Car with Top Speed in Excess of 70 Miles Per Hour,With 270 miles of Driving Distance, before recharge and 0 to 60 in 5 seconds.


Tesla Model S Receives Flawless Safety Score From NHTSA, Breaks Testing Machine


Tesla free energy, Tesla was an #AmericanDemocraticSocialist who believed some things should be available to all, JP Morgan to this day is a money sucking machine thriving off the backs of working class taxpayers while they avoid taxes in every way made possible by those they've bought & paid for in our gov't. Many of Tesla's research was stolen upon his death. Let that sink in.


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TESLA - A1091484 - - Manhattan ***TO BE DESTROYED 10/14/16*** TESLA DUMPED!! HER FORMER OWNER CLAIMS SHE “BITES.”…HOWEVER HER PERFECT BEHAVIOR AT THE ACC TELLS A DIFFERENT STORY! This 2 year old came into the shelter, “friendly and purring!” She allowed handling but seems to have a pet induced aggression, caused by overstimulation. This will cause a cat to “nip” at the hand. INSTEAD of working in this issue the owners DUMP her at


Tesla Model S Owner Experiences Loss Of Steering - Twice #Offbeat_News #Tesla


Tesla Model S Owner Experiences Loss Of Steering - Twice

Narro Reading of Tesla owner sues over 'sudden acceleration' (CNBC) Tesla Motors Inc was sued on Friday by a Model X owner who said his electric SUV suddenly accelerated while being parked causing it to crash through the garage into the owners living room injuring the driver and a passenger. The Model X owner Ji Chang Son said that one night in September []