Wood Sorrel Scientific name: Oxalis species What: leaves How: salad, seasoning Where: shady undergrowth When: spring, summer Nutritional Value: Vitamins A & C Dangers: Contains some oxalic acid, limit consumption to a small handful per day.

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What Should I Be Doing With My Bees This Month?: Oxalic Acid Vaporizer - How to use and - FAQ

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Sublimation Equipment. Top left – Varrox sublimator, 12 volts and 150 watts. Lower left – Close up of the heated cup at the end of the sublimator into which the oxalic acid crystals are placed. Top right – Lead-acid battery, 115 amp hours, capable of powering the sublimator for approximately nine hours. Lower right – Half teaspoon measures are cheap to buy and are a convenient way of dispensing oxalic acid crystals for sublimation as half a teaspoon, 2.5ml, of oxalic acid crystals is almost…

What Should I Be Doing With My Bees This Month?: How to do a divide an over wintered colony

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