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Example of a p-value computation. The vertical coordinate is the probability density of each outcome, computed under the null hypothesis. The p-value is the area under the curve past the observed data point.

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Hypothesis tests, p-value - Statistics Help (I know we haven't gotten to this quite yet, but whatever)

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Free! Printable base 10 blocks, place value strips (OTH thru billions, also…

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PLANTAIN - This Little Weed Is The Nature's Miracle Healer

Normally plantain is regarded as a weed by many gardeners, but it has long been valued in herbal remedies, and continues to discover herbal usages. There are some equally beneficial and very decorative varieties for the garden. Today, I am sharing this video on “The Plantain – Natural’s Miracle Healer” created by rickvanman. In this video, he will talk about all of the uses plantain has and it’s awesome healing properties.

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