In the small town of Ashland, Pennsylvania, Route 61 takes an unexplained detour; a “Keep Out” sign straddles the original highway. Ignore the warning and you'll arrive in the abandoned town of Centralia, where an underground mine fire has been burning since 1962 when residents accidentally ignited a vein of anthracite coal. Despite efforts stop the fire it still burns today and could burn for 250 years. Some houses still stand but most have been demolished. 'Silent Hill' was based on this…

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When a KitchenAid stand mixer leaks oil, replacing the old grease in its gearbox with new grease is the way to solve the problem. In this video, Mark demonstrates exactly how to replace the grease in a KitchenAid mixer. Get KitchenAid grease at this link!: For KitchenAid mixer pa...

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If you are aware on the skin care & make-up products that you are buying or using such as body lotion, moisturizer, creams ,sunscreen, foundation, tint & the talk-of-the-town, BB creams, you might have noticed that there's something written like a specific number of SPF and/or level of PA or both. If you are just a 'newbie' on skin care regimen then you might wonder what does SPF and PA stands for.

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Documentary about historical suppression: Bock Saga - "Welcome to Hel" (Movie, 2016) The word "hel" is the complete opposite from the meaning the Catholic church gave it has in te Bible. It is in fact exactly the opposite: the meaning is Paradise. Pa stands for father, ra stand his sun, dis stands for: to drink.

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Tim Burton's cult-classic beetlejuice can be a difficult look to master (especially if you want to err on the side of colorfully cute rather than full on zombie-esque), but by skipping the moldy skin and using face paints and makeup instead, you'll avoid eliciting any “ews” at your next costume party.

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Like other major cities, Philadelphia had many photography studios in the days when you had to stand for a long time before a pic was taken.

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Lancaster Central Market • Insider Tip: Find your way to the mezzanine for an enchanting view of this 120-year-old building.

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13 Jul 1968, Moc Hoa, South Vietnam - Sgt Joseph L. Dennison of Pittsburgh, PA. as well as Klay Yanick of Fresno, CA, in Vietnam with CIDG men wading across river.CIDG stands for Civil Irregualr Defense Group. The 414 man base near the Cambodian Border includes ten U.S. Special Forces troopers. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS ~ Vietnam War

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The word "CASPA" gets thrown around a lot when the topic of applying to PA school comes up, so today we'll look at what it is exactly, and what that application entails. CASPA stands for the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants. So basically, it is an online application service that schools use to have students complete their applications. The majority of programs use CASPA, but here is a list of who is currently participating. It also shows all of the deadlines…

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