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Illustrations created for Revista Superinteressante, a special edition of Dossiê Super, featuring Pablo Escobar.

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The wealthiest drug lords of our time

Pablo Escobar: $30 Billion "The King of Cocaine” was one of the founders of the Medellin Cartel and one of the most notorious drug traffickers in history. He was killed by Colombian authorities in 1993. Photo: AP

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Pablo Escobar - Biografia do narcotraficante

News From Colombia history | pablo emilio escobar gaviria colombiano conhecido no mundo todo pelo ...

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Pablo Escobar: This Columbian drug lord is known as the world’s most notorious criminal. One of the most elusive cocaine traffickers the world had ever seen, Escobar rose from poverty and obscurity to be the most powerful man in Colombia. But, like most powerful figures, the tides must turn. Escobar was killed by rebel forces in 1993, from a fatal shot to his ear. And, we’re still talking about him now.

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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Medellin; a City Re-Invented

Two decades after Pablo Escobar was killed, Medellin is now moving on and reinventing what was known as the world’s most dangerous and murderous city.

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Five-bedroom house where ruthless cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar was killed goes on sale |

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The bloodied body of Pablo Escobar lies on a Medellin rooftop where he was shot dead by members of the Colombian National Police "Search Bloc" who stand triumphantly around their kill 2nd December 1993 [500x304]