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233 Free Practice Pageant Questions

These professional practice interview questions will help you nail your pageant interview and “wow” the judges. I personally have used these interview questions as a pageant judge and there are some timeless ones in here that I’ll continue to use in the future. And I’m not alone in this. I’ve heard many other judges use these interview questions without reading my list. These are my free gift to you and though they are free please do not overlook the value. Contestants pay anywhere from…


We've rounded up the top questions of the week for you to practice for your upcoming pageant. Click to read why these questions are important and some of our favorite ways to answer! You will find these and hundreds of other practice interview questions at


26 Sample Teen Pageant Questions


Most Popular Pageant Interview Questions and Answers

Read about 7 simple steps for those initial seven seconds in pageant interview so you can be sure to make a good first impression.


10 Toughest Pageant Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

We’ve seen the blunders live on stage when a contestant pulls a question but they have no idea how to answer it. A million thoughts are running through their minds and usually they have nothing to do with the question. The same thing can happen in interview, where the judges only have 10 minutes or less to get to know who you are and what you stand for. There are, of course, ways to answer with your opinion, but the trick is not offending anyone in the process. You’re a queen, after all…


Enjoy these free sample questions to better help you prepare for your pageant interview!


233 Free Practice Pageant Questions

Just a sample of questions you could be asked in your next pageant interview. For more practice questions visit The Pageant Planet and get your free 233 Practice Pageant Interview Questions!


Most Popular Pageant Interview Questions and Answers

Let’s examine the top 3 must-know pageant interview questions and answers to help you shine in your next pageant interview.


How To Answer the "Tell Me A Little About Yourself" Question

Even if you are a very prepared contestant when it comes to pageant interview, I see that a lot of girls trip over this question. Especially if you have practiced answering very pointed interview questions like “What is your favorite book?” and “Why should you win?”, this question can seem very vague. The good news …


233 Free Practice Pageant Questions

Can you answer this pageant interview question? Try 233 free practice ones here