Paid Sick Leave Laws Preemptively Voided By Republican Governors. ""This is what democracy does not look like," Bravo said. "What do you do when you live in a democracy and people seem to want something you don't agree with, and you have a lot of money or power? You can limit who gets to vote, and" ..."You limit what people can vote for."

Oops, So Much for the Right-Wing Arguments Against Paid Sick Leave | After 18 months of the law being in effect in Connecticut, more than 250 employers were surveyed to determine the effects of the law. The results pretty soundly rejected conservative arguments against paid sick leave. Please click for the details and share. Thanks.

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‘Poster Child’ for New York’s Paid Sick Leave Law Failed to Follow It - The New York Times

President Barack Obama talks about legislation to offer paid sick leave - Larry Downing/Reuters

President Obama announces executive order to require paid sick leave federal contract employees.

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Obama to Order Paid Sick Leave for Federal Contractor Employees - THE WALL STREET JOURNAL #Obama, #SickLeave, #Work, #Politics

Paid Sick Leave is Popular — So Corporate America is Lobbying Against Democracy. “In each of the ten states, the bills’ sponsors included members of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). And in each case, the bills were adopted following vigorous advocacy by corporate lobbies such as the Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Business, and Restaurant Association.” #KOCHROACHES #ALEC #BULL$HIT

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