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Graphic Painted Pillow

use painter's tape designs | Change directions a few times and mix it up until you get a pattern ...


How to Paint Stripes on a Wall

Anyone who has ever used painter's tape has quickly realized that it is not as perfect as the commercials lead you to believe. Painter's tape can bubble, causing paint to seep underneath and get everywhere. Painting stripes on a wall r...


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Triple Arrow - WALL DECAL

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at


You caught a glimpse at this geometric wall treatment in this morning's post. Here's the full effect (Daisy included)! It was a quick and easy paint project achieved with a roll of painter’s masking tape and three quarts of paint. The best part about a pattern like this is that it takes minutes to tape it up, and you can instantly see if you like what you’ve designed before you commit the time and paint to make it permanent


Bathroom Makeover! Blogger vs. Builder Grade - East Coast Creative...

Plain door painted with an awesome design using just paint and painters tape