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Each painter has slightly different methods and preferences, but the pros all know the trade secrets.

13 Painting Secrets the Pros Won't Tell You

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How to Caulk Like a Pro

How to caulk like a pro. LOVE this tip!!

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Before painting around a toilet, remove the toilet tank lid and cover the entire tank with a kitchen trash bag.

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Looking for the best way to paint a beveled door? It’s easy! Start with Area A, using an angled brush to paint all recessed areas. To prevent brush marks on the larger, smooth areas of your door (B-E), line the recessed areas with painter’s tape. Next, move on to Area B, painting each subsequent area in alphabetical order. Use a brush or roller, making sure with each stroke that the fresh paint you are overlapping is still wet. This will help to avoid paint streaks.

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Paint furniture like a pro- someday i'll be glad I pinned this!

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10 Great Painting Tips

Instead of using painter’s tape to mask off above baseboards and other areas you don’t want painted when painting trim, use a so-called paint shield.

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Repairing and Caulking Baseboards like a Pro

Crisp baseboards and molding make a wall paint shine. Repairing and caulking baseboards doesn't have to be scary with these pro tips!

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