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Shrine of Shams-ud-Din Sabzwari, Multan, Pakistan. Shams-ud-Din Sabzwari was a Muslim Sufi missionary from Sabzawar in present-day Afghanistan. Shams-ud-Din Sabzwari arrived in Multan in early 1200 C.E. in modern Pakistan, established a dargah and preached Islam to the local population.


Snow Leopard - "Snow leopards are found in 12 countries—including China, Bhutan, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, and Mongolia—but their population is dropping."


Red panda - The Red Panda, also called the Firefox or Lesser Panda (Latin name: Ailurus fulgens, “shining cat”), is a mostly herbivorous mammal, specialized as a bamboo feeder. It is slightly larger than a domestic cat (40 – 60 cm long, 3 – 6 kg weight). The Red Panda is endemic to the Himalayas in Bhutan, southern China, Pakistan, India, Laos, Nepal, and Burma. There is an estimated population of fewer than 2,500 mature individuals. Their population continues to decline .


Refugee Camp in Pakistan,at the time 50% of the population were refugees from India,burdening a very weak evonomy.People thought Pakistan will fail,still standing today,Alhamdulillah.


In 1962, Jackie made an unofficial visit to Pakistan with her sister, Princess Lee Radziwill. India was newly independent and had the largest democratic population in the world. JFK trusted Jackie implicitly and she was sent off, along with the U.S. Information Agency, to improve ties between the two democracies. The U.S. Information Agency later became the CIA. Matching pieces such as the Aquamarine Ballerina Ring and earrings were only worn in Pakistan.


ღღ Some in the academic community have speculated that the Kalash might be from ancient Middle Eastern populations, an indigenous population from South Asia, or members of Alexander the Great's army. Though often overstated, instances of blond hair or light eyes are not uncommon.