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Rama archer with bow and arrow. Granite from Kannipuram Tamilnadu 9th century. Pallava dynasty. 174 x106 cm. National Museum of - Stock Image


India History - Pallavas ruled regions of northern Tamil Nadu and southern Andhra Pradesh between the second to the ninth century CE. The Pallavas gained prominence after the eclipse of the Satavahana dynasty, whom the Pallavas served as feudatories.[1][2] A number of legends are associated with the origin of the Pallavas.


A pastoral tribe in the southern India, Pallava Dynasty rule for about 500 years. The northern Tamil Nadu and southern Andhra Pradesh were under the rule and control of the Pallavas.


Pallava Dynasty was a pastoral tribe who ruled the southern parts of India for almost 550 years. Pallava dynasty conquered the region of Thondaimandalam that was located at Pallavapuri, The Pallava rulers


Silk-Weaving and Organic Farm Motorcycle Day Trip from Chennai Day trip from Chennai to Kanchipuram on a Royal Enfield motorcycle or by private car to meet the legendary silk saree weavers. You will also get to visit organic farms in the area to learn about paddy cultivation and biogas production from cow dung. Interactions are planned with the farmers to get an authentic perspective of organic farming in the region. The tour ends with a visit to an ancient Pallava dynasty tem...

The Pallava script was developed in southern India during the Pallava dynasty, (ca. 3rd-5th century AD) The Pallava script was based on the Brahmi script and consists of a matched set of symbols for consonants, as well as ways to write consonant clusters. (...)