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Bundt Panettone (Pane di toni, means luxury bread since 18th century illuminist but commonly means, large bread) For the Italians this is our Christmas bread.


... coffee and maple panettOne ...


Panettone. This is a sweet bread with a little preserved fruit (not heavy like a fruit cake) Absolutely delicious and worth the effort.

from Jamie Oliver

Summer panettone cake

Summer Panettone Cake | Fruit Recipes | Jamie Oliver Recipes

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A Christmas Chocolate Panettone

We always had at least one huge panettone under our Christmas tree and I used to be more fascinated by the packaging than the  bread. I love the dramatic Italian way of wrapping everything in long …

from Jamie Oliver

Summer panettone cake

Panettone is a brioche-type bread from Italy. It comes in loads of different sizes - I've used a large one here but you could easily adapt the ingredients to make a smaller cake. Cakes don't come much simpler than this one and the nice thing is that, even if it's assembled roughly and things aren't exact, it will still look cute. You'll probably have a bit of panettone left over so keep in mind that it's brilliant torn up for a layer in trifle or eaten toasted for breakfast.

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Jamie Oliver's Guide To Throwing The Perfect Dinner Party

And finish with Summer Panettone Cake. | Jamie Oliver's Guide To Throwing The Perfect Dinner Party

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Mini Italian Panettone Cakes

Warm #desserts to make the winters delicious! Enjoy desserts at Country Inn By Carlson, Saket!

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Orange frosted panettone cake

Orange frosted panettone cake recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food


Italian butterless and easy to prepare Christmas panettone cake