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We can see a II./Pz.Rgt.3 ( 2.Panzer ) Panzer IV on this picture taken in Chambois, the others digital number probably missing by fire.

military modeling and History: Sd.Kfz. 164 NASHORN (Hornisse)

Panzer IV Ausf. B The suspension shown here on this early model Pz. IV proved so durable it remained unaltered on subsequent Pz. IV models throughout the war.

This Panzer IV 91X ( merci Jean-Léon )could be belongs to 12.SS or 9.SS, turret number marking seems very similar, but we know many wrecks of 9./K - 12.SS.

This Panzer IV belongs to II./SS-Pz.Rgt.2 and not to Pz.Rgt.3 ( Militaria H.S N.53 caption ).It was likely destroyed at Pontfarcy late july 1944 and captured by US soldiers... The 2.Pz digital 8 broader than DR number..

This Panzer IV was definitively a LSSAH vehicle ( Lodieu said II./33 in his book "Argentan à la Seine" ) Number 711, it was destroyed or captured on the road Argentan - Mortrée, this picture was taken in a dump...