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Reusable Paper Towel Tutorial... six or more fabric "paper towels" that are attached end to end with snaps and pulled off when one is needed

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Replace Disposable Products with Reusable Ones

Replace Disposable Products With Reusable Ones | Even reducing one or two disposable products will go along way to helping your budget and the environment! Check out these great ideas! Frugal living, thrifty living, money saving ideas, homemaking

Un-paper Towels

Remember how one of my “before goals was to stop using paper towels and make a re-useable variety? Well, I finally forced myself to get them made. They were really easy to crank out…

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DIY Multi-Use Kitchen Towels

DIY pour faire son essuie-tout maison réutilisable ! No More Paper Towels

"Unpaper" towels. Yeah, they're dishtowels, sort of. But these are cheaper, and better substitutes for paper towels. I hate throwing away so much paper towel trash! Now I don't have to. I'm gonna switch to "Un-paper" towels.

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I had an issue storing paper towels. So I brain stormed. 4 eye bolts & 2 bungee cords later and presto! Problem solved! I think my invention is pintrest worthy, don't you!