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Make your own paracord survival bracelet. Customize it to your needs and save yourself some money. The pre-made loaded bracelets typically cost about $60, but you can buy the supplies to make about 10 or more for the same price. Update: I've swapped the regular whistle buckle to a whistle buckle with a hidden handcuff key, added reflective tape to both sides of the female end of the buckle, and added a 2" saw blade inside the bracelet.


Paracord Bracelet Instructions

Paracord Bracelet Instructions with the cobra Paracord braid. The Paracord Supplies you will need: about 12 feet of 550 paracord, a Paracord buckle. You can get a Plastic or Metal Paracord Buckle, Metal paracord buckles can be uncomfortable to wear because of the weight on small wrists. You will also need these other Paracord tools, scissors, a lighter, and optional a Paracord needle. See all the Paracord Bracelet Patterns.


Prepping Supplies: Beginning Preppers 30 Day Shopping List


paracord wrap for tin can survival kit - FYI - If you are supply for large group - buy your supplies on amazon. I bought 100 clips for about 12$ vs. 15$ for 6 at craft store.


Getting tired of weaving with the same bracelet pattern over and over?! Check out this unique idea from Bored Paracord, called the "Crooked River" design. Think you can complete this?! Post your picture in the comment section below!!