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Stellaris Leviathan DLC release date announced

Paradox Interactive has released new information today about their much-anticipated Leviathan DLC, including a release date.

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Arriva oggi un DLC gratuito per Cities Skylines con le città d'Europa

[size = 986 MB] [seeds = 692 ] [leechers = 16 ] Hearts of Iron IV (c) Paradox Interactive Release Date :  06/2016              Pro...

Paradox Interactive Cookie Cutter by LeadCarbonate - Thingiverse

INFOGRAPHIC: The Irony of Meetings (Proof that social interaction is better than in-person meetings?)


I find the whole possibility to meet and interact with a you from another time really interesting. I would've loved if the party that returned from the future would've contained someone that still were alive in the past. Example: Say Ricken survives the first phase of the game. Then, an older more grown Ricken would've been able to interact with the younger one. This is a scenario that contains quite some potential concidering most of Ricken's supports is about growing up. Well, it’s a “what…


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