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Develop Your Psychic Abilities

A Visual Guide to Understanding Your Psychic Abilities! Which of your psychic senses are the strongest? Learn more here >>> #psychic

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The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success - a BookOGraphic featuring Deepak Chopra's best selling book

superliminal ‎(comparative more superliminal, superlative most superliminal) 1.(psychology, physiology, of mental activity) Of, pertaining to, or involving conscious awareness; above the threshold of the subconscious. 2.(rare, philosophy, parapsychology, of mental activity) Of, pertaining to, or involving a supposed kind of awareness which is above and beyond the experiential range of normal consciousness.

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What type of empath are you? Here's a really handy list ... (click for more elaboration) #empath

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An Introduction to Parapsychology (Paperback)

This is a thoroughly updated and revised edition of our highly acclaimed university textbook on the science of parapsychology. The objective of this book is to provide an introductory survey of paraps

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Born Without A Veil: Are You A Natural Born Psychic?

Psychic kids and psychic adults - are they born that way? Were YOU born that way? In this informative article we discuss the signs of being a natural with psychic abilities. Hey, you never know! You could be a psychic medium -

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Take the Leap: What It Really Means to Be Psychic

#Claircognizance (clear-knowing) is different than a thought. As your #psychic ability grows, you will be able to tell the difference between a thought and #claircognizant knowing.

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Aldous Huxley on Freedom, Propaganda, and the Future of Technology: A Rare and Prophetic 1958 Interview by Mike Wallace

Human life does not cease to exist because they are a "fetus." "Fetus" and "embryo" are merely stages of life. Just like "infant", "toddler", "adolescence", "adulthood", and "elderly/geriatric."

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