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Wall Art for Women - Just Be Thankful - Wall Art Print - Digital Art Print - Wall Art -- Print

Wall Art for Women - Just Be Thankful - Wall Art Print - Digital Art Print…


ISIS Recruits Learn to Beat Asylum-Seeker Checks Despite warnings from security services around Europe, politicians have often preferred a politically-correct approach to the migrant crisis. Mon, November 14, 2016 - The Clarion Project Photo -Remembering the Paris attacks of November 2015 carried out by terrorists who entered Europe under the cover of the migration wave. (Photo © Christopher Furlong / Getty Images)


VIDEO: Muslim migrants set fire to over 25 cars in affluent Paris neighborhood-It's daily news in France. They burn cars to attract police/firefighters, then they attack them with stones and molotov cocktails.


Jean-Pierre Rey: Girl Waving Flag During General Strike, Paris, May 1968 LIFE‘s May 24, 1968 coverage of the Paris uprisings: The street battle of Paris began with student demonstrations and swiftly escalated into savage warfare. Rock-throwing bands charged up the boulevards. Police, led by the elite and detested Compagnies Républicained de Sécurité, and Gardes Mobiles, charged over cobblestone barricades the student built and attacked without restraint or discrimination. clik thru to…