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The next time a part-time friend asks why you don't call or text anymore, ask them when the last time they went out of their way to just check up on you, when the last time they thought of you and picked up the phone just to chat, or when was the last time they didn't just talk about themselves before finally getting around to asking about you. You are not a rug, stopped being walked on. Instead, throw on some boots and do the walking yourself.


I've done my part, and I'm happy with myself. One-sided friendships may be for some, but they're definitely not for me. It's no easier for one person to make an effort than the other.


How come you have enough time to go out and make... - lovequotespics

I'm not here for your convenience.......if you can't be in my life as a true friend, I don't need you in it at all. Think about it......